6 months U.S. – Extension, rockettes, christmas and new years eve (English version)

Hello my lovely reader! 🙂

I know this might be weird for some of you to read a post on my blog in English, but more and more people were asking me to do this, because half of my reader are actually reading my posts from outside Germany! I also have to say, that I will make mistakes during writing and you are all more then welcome to inform me about those! 🙂
Of course I will also upload the same post in German for my lovely Bavarian friends tomorow evening (3 o’clock in Germany)! ❤

Now to the main part that this post is about!
My hostfamily invited me to go to the Radio Music City Hall to see the Rockettes with them! I really appreciate things like that because I don’t take for granted! I swear – I had tears in my eyes – it was soooo great!


christmas-tree-lighting-rockefeller-centerChristmas here in America is a huuuuge thing! – food, family, food, presents .. did I mention food? 😁
No, seriously. Most Americans start to decorate thbbbe tree and the house right after Thanksgiving, which is on the end of November – so you basically start getting in Christmas mood right after Thanksgiving! Which is, if you ask me, great because I love Christmas! 🎄
A few weeks before the actual Christmas day I went to New York City to see the famous Rockefeller Center Tree! (see pictures) The upper right one is a self-made picture and the left one only to show you how tall this giant tree actually is!
On the right side can you see the Christmas tree that I saw every day during the holiday time! We decorated the tree with mostly Disney ornaments as well as a Mickey and Minnie Mouse Star on top of it because my host family really likes Disney! 🙂 I think it was a great tree because it was totally different to what we do at home each year and very American! I loved it! 😍
Christmas here gets celebrated on two main days: Christmas day (CD) and Christmas morning (CM). On CD you up some family members to eat and get some presents. But it’s mostly about the food and family on that day. 😅 All American families get up on CM veeery early and the kids get to open their presents from Santa Clause. Sometimes you go over to relatives or they come over and they eat breakfast together. 🙂 Those days here in the USA were really special to me and I’m really glad, that I could enjoy them that much! ❤🎄

A week later it was already New Years weekend, what meant that Verena was finally visiting me here in NY!!!!! You can’t imagine how freaking excited I was to see her again after 6 months! 🎉😍
We bought the NYC pass to do some sightseeing. With the pass you can do over 80+ attractions for no additional money and sometimes you even can skip the line with it! 🙂 So Verena and I did a looooot of sightseeing. Here you can see some pictures we made/ places we saw:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

The night before New Years Eve (nye) we booked a limo tour, which included one hour threw Manhatten. We had a lot of fun during that tour!  On nye we also went out. 🙂

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

photo-jan-11-7-14-27-amWell and with that I’m already at the last topic: extension. Yes, AuPairCare sent me an email this morning telling me that my deadline to get everything together if I want to extend would be May 31. I had a period where I was like: „No! There is no way I’m gonna extend!“ – but right now my feeling is more a „I want to stay. At least 6 more months. See more of this big country!“-feeling. So you can tell it’s really hard to decide something like this. On the one hand, I really miss a lot back home. Friends and family. But on the other hand, I’d love to see more – travel more – get to know another family in a different state (My host family won’t need another au pair anymore). But what if I regret it? Do I want to stay another 6 months or do I want to stay another 9 months? Will I find a family to extend with? What if that family also lives in NY? Is it photo-jan-11-7-14-33-ameven worth it then? ….. Well.. you  see. I don’t really know what to do. I gave myself the deadline of April 1 because my mom and my grandma are going to visit me for a week and I might give them some of my stuff with them back home… or I keep most of it and stay. 🙄😶 I have no idea..

Well that was pretty much what I wanted to tell you guys. 🙆🏼 🙂

❤ Jana


4 Gedanken zu “6 months U.S. – Extension, rockettes, christmas and new years eve (English version)

  1. hey! 🙂 also ich kann dich da teilweise total verstehen wegen dem verlängern 🙂 bei mir is es so, dass ich von anfang an gesagt hab, dass ich eigtl zwei jahre bleiben will. bin jetz seit oktober hier und ich bin gerade in deutschland zu besuch und kanns echt nich erwarten morgen wieder nach hause, also nach chicago, zu fliegen. ich kann dir nur raten, nutze deine chance, ansonsten bereust dus vielleicht 🙂 mach dir halt am besten mal ne pro/contraliste, wenn du nich mehr weiter weisst. ich wünsch dir auf jeden fall noch ne super schöne zeit und wenn du mit jemanden drüber reden magst, kannst dich auch gerne an mich wenden! 🙂
    liebe grüße

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hi Jana,
    Nixe to read your blog in englisch !
    Not so nice , that you thing about you will Stau in USA for another 6 pro 9 month ! So,I really habe tears in my eyes !!!!
    Nice, that I understand the Wohle words, that your whriting.
    Not so nice, my english ( “ not the yellow of the egg“) 🤣
    We miss you and I wish you a great time, mayby for 6,9 or 12 month.
    I understand you, I think “ thats the time of your life“
    Big hugs from your “ old german mother“

    Gefällt mir

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