Best tips for saving a lot of money when traveling 💵✈

    This tip is number one for a reason. It is probably the most important tip on my list and also the one that most people forget about.

    It really doesn’t matter what you are about to book – it could be a hotel, a hostel, a flight or just renting a car. Compare different websites, apps or even call different agencies/ companies and ask for the latest deals.
    If you want to know what apps I’ve been using when I travelled to New Orleans, Denver, Boston, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Houston last year click on this blog post about my favourite travel apps.

  2. Promo codes!
    Whatever you are about to buy, book or order online or in a store google promo code before you do it. If you find a code you just go to the cashier and tell them you have a promo code or a coupon that you would like to use. Even if the code will only give you 10% or 5$ off your purchase, or gives you the next one for free it will be worth the extra time that you spent on finding the code.
  3. Sleep cheap!
    Don’t spend your money on an expensive hotel when you’re planning on only being home during the night. Rather sleep in hostels or rent an urban for the night. Obviously, you can’t expect a hostel to have the amenities as a hotel. But if it’s just about a good night of sleep airbnb or hostels are my number one recommendations.
  4. Be your own tour guide!
    Prepare in advance for your travel. You know where you are going, so it just makes sense to google what the place you are going to have to offer. What can you see there? Important places? Cute art piece? A cool picture for your instagram? Write down the address where you want to go. Look it up on a map to see if it’s even possible to visit all the things/ places you would like to see.

    Sometimes it helps to download the subway map or the bus plan of the city you go to before your trip.

  5. Don’t travel alone!
    This tip is pretty helpful since you share your costs with other people. Either carpool like uber, a cab or lift or the price of an airbnb.
    Also, sometimes traveling with 2 or 3 people instead of one lowers the price of the tours. When I wanted to go to Niagra falls the price for one person was 150$. The price for 3 was 180$ – so you would only have to pay 60$ if you would book together with two others.
  6. Join Facebook groups!
    This tip is more a helpful one to number 5. Join Facebook travel groups. Au Pair groups as well as student travel groups. That way you maybe get to know new people and don’t travel alone!
  7. Bring your own food!
    With „bring your own food“ I don’t mean prepare meals for your one week travel! 😁No! I mean pack small snacks for in between your meals that don’t melt or go bad once you take them out of the fridge. Granola Bars, chips, crackers, etc. are good options.
  8. Prepare well!
    Once you are at your travel destination you probably want to enjoy your time there and not spend the time on looking for what you want to do, where you want to go or what you want to see. Read tip 4 for more information.
  9. Pack smart!
    Look at the weather at your destination. Is it warm there, but it’s supposed to rain on one day while you are there? Then you probably won’t need a big jacket! I know it’s really hard to leave some of your stuff home, but if you aren’t sure whether you will need something or not, then you are better off leaving it at home!
  10. Don’t hesitate to ask!
    Ask! Ask! Ask! This tip I can highly recommend! Ask the lady at the check in for your flight politely for an upgrade, ask the locals for tips for food tips, ask the guy at the reception at your hostel for a free upgrade. Don’t hesitate. As long as you ask politely all they can say is „no“. 🙂
  11. Skip the club!
    Drinks in clubs cost a lot of money. Especially in the United States. Skip the club and rather go to a local bar if you really have to go out. Order a beer instead of a cocktail at the bar and you probably already saved up to 20$ depending on which city you are.
  12. Forget about the souveniers!
    After traveling a lot you will notice they always sell the same stuff wherever you travel. T-shirts, magnets, a glass with the local name on it, sticker, mugs, etc. – it will be a lot the more you travel. Maybe try to only buy something when you think it would be cute for somebody back home and try to only buy postcards for yourself! They are light and small – means easy to pack!
  13. Bring your own pharmacy!
    Start your own pharmacy by packing the most usual medicine in a small cosmetic bag. Headache-, allergy-, stomachache-, diarrhea-, medicine should be the least in that bag.
  14. Walk!
    Use your (hopefully) healthy legs to walk most of the time when you don’t have a rental car or local unlimited subway/ bus card. Don’t spend your money on short cab rides when you could walk the distance in 15 minutes!

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